We have been creating eCommerce projects for startups and industry leaders for over 17 years. Responsive design, cloud hosting, integration with accounting, SAP and CRM systems

Online stores and marketplaces

end-to-end development
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We develop eCommerce projects of any complexity, resistant to high loads and integrated with accounting, SAP and any CRM systems

What tasks do we solve?

Development of online stores

System integration. We integrate CRM, payment gateways or shipping systems
Efficient automation. More time for your staff to solve business tasks
High engagement. We will develop the functionality of loyalty programs
We know how to launch, optimize and scale your business globally. We develop solutions for both startups and large online stores.
High conversion. Simplify the customer journey through the site, make a convenient checkout
Online stores

Marketplace Development

Seamless integration. We will connect warehouse accounting systems, CRM, ERP, payment gateways and shipping services
Customized pricing. We set up flexible logic depending on the vendor requirements
Detailed product page. The more characteristics are specified, the easier it is to search for a product
Simple uploading of products. We set up and automate the import of product in the CSV, Excel, and XML formats
We will help you create your own Amazon or AliExpress
Marketing tools. We develop functionality for vendors to hold promotions, sales, and make an upsell

Architecture design

Road map with all the stages and deadlines for development
Detailed description of a flowchart for the website subsystem interaction
Specification for creating an online store/marketplace
The most important stage, when the client and the development team do not yet have a clear idea of ​​​​how the finished project will look and work. We will analyze business requirements, describe the functionality, design the website sections and pages. You will get as an output:

eCommerce Hosting

Overall safety. Regular virus scans and search for potentially dangerous files. Daily backups and free SSL
Site speed acceleration. Latest-generation, ultra-performing servers with SSDs and NVM
Monitoring 24/7/365. 15-minute response according to SLA. 99.9% uptime
Migration from any CMS. Free migration without site downtime
Do business, we'll take care of the technical issues
Personal manager
Do you have an idea or task? We'll help you see how easy it is to implement. Describe your business goals, give some examples of similar solutions on other sites, with real products, and provide us with screenshots. Or just apply here
Our consultant collects initial requirements. Then, you are assigned to your personal manager who clarifies all the details, wishes and requirements for your project. The received information is processed and sent to technical specialists
We pass the received information to technical specialists and examine your business idea to select the optimal platform and technologies for a quick launch of the project. Experts evaluate the complexity of the project and the time for its execution. Thereafter, you get a rough estimate with cost and time limits. If the terms and price suit you, we proceed with drawing a technical assignment or specification
Requirement identification
Technical analysis

Our workflow

QA Testing
Design and layout
Backend Programming
Architecture design
Demo and release
It is important not just to launch a project, but to achieve its business goals. More modifications may be required or market conditions and functional requirements may change over time. We are focused on long-term cooperation and will continue to develop your project
We provide a 100-day warranty on our work. All bugs discovered during this time are fixed for free. But only in 7% of cases our customers had to use the warranty
We check the product for compliance with the technical specifications and user friendliness
We will develop an individual design for the entire project or for individual parts. Or we integrate a design created by another team
We regularly report on how the development progresses and demonstrate interim results of the functionality made. We work according to Agile methodology, the project develops iteratively, most often in 2-week sprints. As development progresses, it is possible to include new requirements. If necessary, we can give access to Jira, a project management system
The description of the architecture allows you to comprehensively look at the future project. Upon completion of this part of the work, you will receive:
  • Specification for development of an online store or marketplace with a description of the functionality
  • Flowchart of subsystem interaction within your website
  • Road Map with the stages and deadlines of development
Environment preparation
Code-review according to the internal standard
Integration of external services
Frontend Programming
Payment gates
Semantic search
Delivery services
Analytic systems
The final results of the development process - what we came up with together at the concept stage - are uploaded to the test server, and then sent to through the link.
In addition, we will give you a video and text instructions for checking the functionality - so it will be easier for you to check everything and accept the work
Technology stack

Databases and software

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Don't forget about hosting

Slow load speed can ruin any, even the best online store. It often happens when developers put all their efforts into optimizing code, but the problem is related to the server. We provide servers configured and optimized for eCommerce projects.
We host websites on the latest generation ultra-efficient servers with SSDs and NVM. We finely configure the server software according to the requirements of the project. We optimize images and diagnose the causes of low speed in the backend and frontend of the site

How we increase speed

How we increase speed
We migrate your project to the cloud. Cloud infrastructure allows you to scale up to traffic surges and withstand high loads. We monitor websites around the clock with an interval of 1 minute and respond according to SLA

How we improve stability

How we improve stability
We regularly scan for viruses and potentially dangerous files. We use network firewalls and WAF (Web Application Firewall), protection against bots, brute force and DDOS. We make daily backups and provide free A-level SSL (https)

How we provide security

How we provide security
We optimize the settings and configuration of the environment. We automate processes. All our actions are aimed at reducing your costs for hosting and the team that supports it

How we save your money

How we save your money
We have already helped thousands of clients in 170 countries launch, optimize and scale their businesses. Want to repeat their success?
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Our projects

Photo and video/cinema equipment
Korean gamified marketplace
South Korea
GOAT Hydroponics
An online store of garden accessories
A multi-discipline & eCommerce company
Online purchase of quality cartridges and toners
British Grocery Store
Largest UK online food superstore
United Kingdom
CSI Rentals
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